Photo Duuuump

Now that I’m at site with reliable internet, have some photos! Will wrangle a more coherent text-based post about life so far here after I’ve settled in a bit and caught up on sleep post-PST.

Sidenote: I’ve apparently just accidentally deleted all previous photos I’d uploaded (not many, mostly of the states), so now I know how to not do that, I guess.

At swearing-in with Paytsar, my host mom (who is in general an incredibly smiley person, here caught in a serious look).
Waiting period during khorovats preparation – l to r host cousins Tigran and Garo (no clue where he got a New England Revolution jacket) and host brother Saco.
Liberating the khorovats from the tonir.
With an old butter churn and little host cousins Israel and Mariana.
Food preparation at Israel’s birthday party.
Host cat in Aralez – she hung around the bathroom a lot, so I called her Barf, after a popular Russian brand of cleaning products.
Standing on a rise overlooking Sarnaghbyur, my new home!
Karen fishing in the beautiful lake at the northern edge of Sarnaghbyur.
Sitting on the balcony of the village cultural center, the new location of Karen’s NGO. Working with four local young folks and PCV Olivia from the next town over (in epic hat).
Taking the old Soviet train back from Gyumri to Yerevan with Sarah, Thong, and Mary (not shown). It smelled like an old New England sleep-away camp.
With Karen post-swearing in!
Most of the men of the A24 group. Back row, l to r: Steven and Dan. Seated/laps: Me, Pat, Ben, Thong, Garrett, Oleg, Chibu, Chris, Stephen, and Justin. Front on ground: Mark.
And most of the women. Standing, l to r: Catherine, Kelsey, Sierra. Seated on bench/laps: Arielle, Alia, Emily, Naomi, Gwen, Tova, Holly, Mary, Sarah, and Melanie. Ground: Marie, Anne.
Garrett enjoying the views of Ararat from near Khor Virap.
Khash. Look it up and come to your own conclusions.


4 thoughts on “Photo Duuuump

  1. What a good bunch… in both countries! Hope you’re keeping a diary to look back at when you’re my age.

    with love (and envy) from your Grammy.


  2. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures. I love the liberation of the khorovats from the tonir! Great title too.


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