One of the More Adorable Things That’s Ever Happened to Me

Armenia with all its three million citizens often feels like a small town. One place this shows up is in transport –  you can send pretty much anything informally via marshutni (the ubiquitous vehicles somewhere between a minivan and bus); on longer routes drivers will frequently stop roadside to hand off letters, packages, and the like. I’m fairly confident that if I gave a parcel to a random person in Sarnaghbyur boarding the morning marshutni to Yerevan and said, “this is for Kelsey, the American in Meghri [ten hours south]”, that it’d get there somehow, probably as the object of great fascination of all aboard. Today I got a call from my host mom in Aralez (three hours south of here) saying, “here’s a phone number, her name’s Frida, she’s from Sarnaghbyur and is bringing you fruit”. Frida told me to meet her in ten minutes by the school (near Karen’s house), but apparently got tired of waiting because Karen told me someone he didn’t recognize showed up at their house with a heavy box and just said, “this is for Nick”. See pictures below – on the box is written in Armenian simply “please give this to Nick”. Just in time for sharing with the visitors this weekend for Vardavar!



2 thoughts on “One of the More Adorable Things That’s Ever Happened to Me

  1. The cherries still seem to have a morning blush even though I assume that they have travelled for at least a day, just like I remember from photographs that I would see as a child.


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