Some Pictures From a Walk

Last Friday I walked over to Dzorakap (which translates to “gorge connection”), PCV Olivia’s village. There we had a classic skills transfer, with her advising me on how to set up and organize English clubs (which will be starting in two weeks) and I showing her the magic of Excel pivot tables. I took a bunch of pictures as I walked, so have a look, why not.

At the top of the hill outside Sarnaghbyur, looking down the road.
Looking back at town from the top of the hill.
We’re past peak, but the wildflowers in Shirak marz are absolutely gorgeous.
Trees and power lines, you come up with a more interesting caption.
Looking back over my shoulder. Ummm, trees and a few small ponds.
Coming up on our splendid old church (creatively called “red church”). In front is a statue whose purpose I haven’t yet figured out, and a covered picnic area that’s in constant use for khorovats.
Approaching our village road’s intersection with the Yerevan-Gyumri highway; my house to the road is a little under an hour walking.
Looking back over my shoulder.
Approaching Dzorakap.
Dzorakap’s dzor.
Not walk related, but a pig head at Karen’s house – always an adventure here to open the fridge!



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