France France France

So I’ve been too lazy to write this post for several weeks, but I figured I should before my next international travel (headed to Germany in a week to see Joe, my brother-in-law!). Because there’s still plenty of laziness in my system, I’ll give the briefest of textual overviews of this trip, then let a slew of pictures do the talking. Whew, time for a coffee break after all that writing.

I spent five days in Paris with Kim, where we stayed at an Air B+B in Montmartre and spent our time putzing around the city, seeing approx. one important landmark per day, and eating all the food. Obviously it was moderately nice to see her after almost ten months apart, and I’m psyched that she’ll be visiting Armenia in less than two months! From Paris I took the speedy train to Marseilles to spend a few days with our dear family friends Martha and Francois, who showed me around their lovely city and stuffed me full of delicious food and personal warmth.

Naturally it was pretty hard coming back from vacation to mid-winter Armenia, but as I said in my previous post I quickly moved back in with my old host family, which proved (not surprisingly) a fantastic decision. I’ll likely move back out for the spring-fall in about a month, assuming spring arrives more or less on time.

Whew, I’m exhausted from all that writing. Look at some pictures now.

Makin’ silly faces at the Louvre.
Walking through the instrument district. Unfortunately didn’t get a picture of any of the windows stuffed with cellos…
Standing in one of Montmarte’s plentiful stairways.
Kim is displeased with this graffiti.


Touring the Montmartre cemetery. Found where we Mayers are going.
Found a number of Armenian graves in the cemetery.
The treacherous descent to the subterranean bathroom at our Air B+B.
Said bathroom, cool-looking but always ~50 degrees.
In the main square of St. Germain-en-Laye, where relatives of Emilia’s in-laws showed us around, fed us fabulous food, and entertained us ’til late at night with great stories. I’ll see them in Margahovit in a few months for their annual visit!
I believe this was called the Traveler’s Breakfast. Whatever the case, I was pleased.
Kim enjoying the fancy dinner that Jenny and Joe most kindly paid for from afar.
Chicken parm for breakfast!

On to Marseilles…

The view from Martha and Francois’ condo.
Walking down by the sea. It was like 60 degrees and sunny, not too shabby.
Hanging out with Martha by the sea.
Picnic time!
Silliness, it’s the worst.
High-quality basking.
High-up view of Marseilles.
Mussels ‘n’ fries, not bad, not bad.
Was disappointed by the fence surrounding this Sherman. In stark contrast to…
Throwback to Fall, when things were still green! T-34 in Yeghegnadzor.